Time is money

Mine Hellcase skins, make your PC work while you rest

Earn Hellcase skins in exchange
for your computing power

Get skins in 1 click
Easy install - easy start
- easy result
You are in control
You can control PC usage, pause any time.
Your choice
You can get the
best skins
Time is money
Get max profit on
your PC usage
Speed Bonus
Up to 2x speed BONUS
Full compatibility
Compatibility with all PCs
running Windows
How It Works
Your gaming PC stays unused
most of time during the day
With GLDFY you can use this time
for computing.
  • Download GLDFY and open.
    Customize CPU/GPU usage.
  • Choose your personal options
    to get the max profit from your PC
  • Choose the case you want to earn
    and keep your PC turned on.
  • Get your skin at Hellcase.com!
Simple guide. Easy like 1, 2, 3!
Install & open
Sign in via steam account
Sign in using your steam id
Choose case at Hellcase.com
Make a choice what case
you want to get
Keep your PC on for mining
Have a bonus for long session
Get your case at Hellcase.com